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Follow On Questions

October 6

Throughout the Follow On series, we've been gathering around tables to discuss questions about where we are on the discipleship wheel as we move through toward spiritual maturity as disciple makers. You can find the full list of questions here and continue the conversation in your own discipleship experience and even in your Life Groups....Keep Reading

Using SOAP

September 11

SOAP is a simple method for studying the Scriptures, and our Intro to SOAP books provide you a 21-day adventure of digging into the Bible and applying it to your life. But how does it work?...Keep Reading

August SOAP Reading Plan

August 19

Because our next SOAP cards will not be ready until September, we're posting our daily SOAP texts here on a weekly basis. You can check in each day or jot the plan down and stop in at the beginning of each week of August....Keep Reading

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