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Published Article: Matthew 27:51-54 Revisited: A Narratological Re-Appropriation

Matthew parallels the resurrection pericopes in Matthew 27:51-54 and 28:1-10 to accentuate the Christological, missiological, and eschatological implications of Jesus’ life-giving cross-death and death-defying vindication from the grave.

TJC Pastor, Raymond Johnson, wrote an article for The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology on the resurrection of the dead at the end of Matthew's Gospel titled, "Matthew 27:51-54 Revisited: A Narratological Re-Appropriation." He writes:

"Their resurrection from the dead has confounded interpreters and led to many crucial interpretive questions: What kind of bodies did these “holy people” have? Did they die again? How public was their appearance and how many people saw them? Were they raised before or after Jesus’ resurrection from the dead? If they were raised before, what did they do after they were raised but before Jesus was resurrected (did they just wait in their tombs)? Was their resurrection like that of Lazarus in John 11 or like the resurrection described by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15, i.e., glorified bodies? Is it possible that these “saints” were taken up to heaven like Enoch (Gen 5:24)? Was Matthew speaking of a historical event or merely using apocalyptic and metaphorical language here in his Gospel narrative?"

Follow the link to see how Pastor Raymond addresses these questions in his article: